Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We have become a society that fears.

We have been told to fear our neighbors, told to fear nature, told to fear our transportation, told to fear the water we drink and the air that we breath, told to fear the light and told to fear the dark. Fear, what is fear? It is not unreasonable to get scared at times, but to be afraid all the time or to hold fear of something in your heart is a heavy burden.

I submit that we should all except the fact that things happen, people get hurt and die everyday every moment. If it is going to happen it will happen and fearing it will not stop it, as often we see in a horror film. Only by accepting our neighbors, nature, transportation, water, air, light, dark, etc. can we truly ever have said we lived. If I were to jump out of a plane tommorrow (to sky dive) and my parashoot does not deploy at least as I hit the ground I will know I have had lived.

Why should anyone sit around in their own head hidden away fromt he world existing in fear when living is such a simple thing. We just have to get up, go outside and go where our spirit carries us. We cannot stop the count down by hiding away from it, so why not enjoy the time we have.

So put fear aside and go out and live. The worst that can happen is you have a good time before the end.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still kicking

I am still alive and existing.

I have now become the forefront of information for my peers and am eagerly utilized with little down time at work. When I leave the office I go directly to my boys and fathering till they are at rest and any time outside of that I am spending working out our new home.

I will try to return and continue on as I had before once my schedule eases up. I look forward to attempting more rituals and writing more in perhaps a months time.

Even if I were to suffer some unfortunate incident I imagine my spirit would be restless as I have little time for eternal slumber haha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The human being is complex, so much so that they cannot comprehend themselves much less others. To attempt to define one's self or another person is to limit them, placing them in a box and putting a label upon it. We should not seek to limit ourselves.

We can interpret what we can sense and past that we can only assume; assumption is a hazardous method. Would it not be simpler to live transparently? When a person is sad, they should be sad, when they are happy they should show it. Posturing and acting is what will have us all undone.

In the event that a person would find themselves in opposition in what they believe they should accept themselves rather than admonish. In the core of a person is their true path, interest and desires and to deny these is to live in turmoil. We as a people should accept that there is negativity along side positivity. Acceptance of ones self will aid in forward progress towards accepting one's right to be.

Permit yourself to feel and accept that you are what you are and that is ok. Do not over indulge however or give into delusions to hide parts of your true being.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It smiled, it made it appear that it smiled.
It felt nothing, It had no desire to feel.
It moved and talked and blended.
It was there, but only as a silent observer within itself.

It waited to not be.
It kept moving down a path, without aim.
It was bound by those around it to being.
It had a buffer to seperate it from others.

It slept without interest to wake.
It woke and automated till the next slumber.
It bore the weight of itself constantly.
It fell then got up and moved forward.

It stared with hollow eyes at the world.
It touched with deadened hands.
It heard with deaf ears.
It tasted in greys.

It was called man and bore the burden of being.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Self Destruction

At times we all have thoughts of our own demise.

Just this morning I had thought "What if I open the car door and tumble out into the freeway, I could turn in opposition to obtain maximum damage." I find this to occur mostly without cause or being triggered by something. I wasn't depressed and I have no interest in commiting suicide. I am certain that we all have moments such as this though, we just decide to ignore these thoughts.

I even took the time to justify why I was not going to do such a thing. "Well the car may cause others to have an accident and my body most certainly would, There would be terrible traffic due to it. That'd be very selfish of me." Maybe it's being tired or boredom.

Do we naturally yearn for our own demise? I find that hard to believe due to being creatures with a survival instinct. Maybe there is a voice in our ears leading us to these thoughts. Perhaps I'm just sick and no one else thinks like this. I have no idea but I feel more accomplished than I figure someone normally would for merely being in existance.

I hope this does not cause conscern, we are strongly bound to this world through those around us and such a link is not easily broken. Worry not.